Old Ranch Rabbitry
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New Litter -
born June 28,
available for sale now!





Our Rabbits

Our rabbits are all quality purebred Holland Lops.



Bo, our blue tort Bo, our blue tort
Bunny Hutch's Bo2
Blue Tort

Bo is an energetic little guy! We are currently using him to breed our does. Carries Shaded and Dilute genes.

Short Stop (Cocoa) Short Stop (Cocoa)
Luv's Short Stop (Cocoa)
Black Tort

Short Stop is friendly and good-natured. Currently we do not have a pedigree for him, so we aren't using him in our breeding program yet.




We breed solid bucks to broken does, and all our rabbits will carry dilute and shaded genes.

Maybeline Maybeline
Bunny Hutch's Maybeline
Broken Black

Maybeline is a sweet doe. She's on her second litter and she is turning out to be a good little mother. Currently she is on a litter of six kits! We will be posting pictures of the little ones soon.

Maybeline carries Shaded and Dilute so she pairs well with our blue tort Bo.

Maybelline, our solid castor doe Ribbons
Bunny Hutch's Ribbons
Broken Black Otter

Ribbons is an experienced mother and a very gentle rabbit. She has been great as a showmanship rabbit for our 4-H competitions. We will be breeding her soon and are hoping for some little otters!



our current litter
Bo2 + Maybeline
DOB June 28, 2010

4 bucks, 2 does

2 Broken Black Torts, both bucks
1 Blue Tort, doe
1 Broken Black, buck
2 Black Torts , one doe, one buck


Sale Policies & Prices

For more information, visit our Sale page to find out what we currently have available for sale, and to find out about our reservation and purchasing policies.

Are you looking for a rabbit for 4-H or FFA? We offer discounts to 4-H and FFA members who are purchasing rabbits for show.